None Of NDC's 'Economists' Can Respond To Bawumia

After Vice President Bawumia's well researched, instructive, informative and factually detailed analysis delivered yesterday at KNUST, NDC big men have been running helter skelter fishing for responses potent enough to dethrone what Dr. Bawumia put out.

A few of their people have made attempts to scratch the surface of what the Vice President delivered.

Their self-styled guru in Economics, Isaac Adongo, came out yesterday to state that the figures used by the Vice President were massaged ones since they are in sharp contrast with those from the Auditor General's Department.

This incongruity, Adongo asserts, makes the figures employed by the Veep in his analysis fake.

A two year old child may not be familiar with where these figures are procured from but can tell that the Auditor General is not the right source for such figures.

Data for such analysis, the world over, is produced by the Finance Ministry and the Bank of Ghana. It is, therefore, a bit weird that we are being told by Adongo to rely on the one from the Auditor General instead.

Bottom line, there is no potent antidote for Bawumia's economics' prowess by the NDC.

They have been searching for a match for him but have woefully failed in that regard.

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