Leveling The Playing Field

The National Communications Authority of Ghana on June 8, 2020, declared its intent to classify Scancom Limited (MTN) as a Significant Market Power, exercising its mandate under Section 20 (13) of the Electronics Communications Act, 2008, (Act 775). Whereas this announcement has been met with a divided opinion, this article seeks to make recommendations to the National Regulator on actions to take to level the playing field.

MTN’s market position today was not achieved overnight, indeed, the successes of the operator have been achieved through consistent investments and development over the years; being the first to offer 4G services in the market, get listed publicly on the Ghana Stock Exchange, and several innovative and competitive products to consumers. It is without question that MTN has also benefitted from its scale; it is the de-facto go-to mobile money platform in the country, it was the only company able to purchase the 800MHz LTE spectrum when it was initially offered and the only Telco to receive the green light for a spectrum resale of 2.6GHz LTE spectrum from the local ISP.

Attached is a PDF file of the article 

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