Lady Vera Writes: On December 7, Two Options To Compare And Choose From Before You Vote – PART 1

Wonderful people of Ghana, greetings to you all. Another election is just around the corner and once again we will all be queuing to vote for a leader coming this December 7th.

Now here is my concern;

An election,  What is an election, why do we vote and why must we vote.

An election is a civil right of all citizens who have attained 18 years and above with a sound mind to vote and elect a leader who can, will, and should be able to manage the entire country, for the benefit of all citizens in and outside Ghana by the judicious use of available resources. Through a competent team, tailored plans, policies, and implementation outlets through decisive, determined, focused, and incorruptible good leadership.

Elections have consequences on individuals now and the future directly, indirectly, and therefore the need to think through, investigate, interrogate the background, competence, decisiveness, boldness, willingness, track record, and what the individual you select is willing to bring to the table.

The election is not a mere event but a process, to select a leader who is decisive, a leader who does not make spontaneous wrong decisions by the sight of crowds or emotions, a leader who can recognize the needs of his people, a leader who can decide between when to make a decision and when not to, a leader whose decision can positively affect you and the future generation.

One of the major attributes to look out for in the two main candidates going into election 2020 is the ability to make the right choices, right decisions, right policies, the right attitude, the one who gives hope, trust-based on his decisiveness. The following are a few points to guide you in your decision-making between the two leading candidates coming 7th  December.
Personal attributes in terms of the decisiveness of the two personalities
Mr. John Mahama and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
Nana Addo is decisive (has the ability to make positive, clear, certain or final decisions quickly for the benefit of all), he has demonstrated this in his personal, public life and throughout his less than the four-year rule as the President of Ghana while Mr. John Mahama is indecisive (the state of being unable to make decisions on his own), this Mr. John Mahama said himself, wrote himself in his own book "My first coup d'etat"  and demonstrated it as a politician when he had the opportunity to govern Ghana for 8 years when his party was in power as a Vice President and attentive President.

One very important quality all Ghanaians must look out for is that, among the two who can make the best decisions to improve human resource development of Ghana, the one who can make decisions on value for money, the one who can make decisions to improve our health and health sector, the one who can make good decisions to industrialize Ghana, the one who can make positive decisions to paint our country positively to the entire world and attract goodwill, investment, respect and confidence, the one who can make decisions to get Ghana out of aid, the one who can make decisions to move Ghana along with the world through digitization of our systems, the one who can make decisions to reduce unemployment in our country, the one who can make decisions to deny himself and develop Ghana beyond aid, among others.
A few examples on the decision makings of Mr. John Mahama and Nana Akufo Addo
And please NOTE the comparison
1. Mr. John Mahama persistently through his indecisiveness supervised, tens of adverts, public demonstrations, and presentations at various levels against Free Senior High Education (FSHS), he persistently said anything free is not of quality publicly and an impossibility for the implementation of Free SHS policy in Ghana now but, on the other hand

H.E Nana Akufo Addo through consistent decisiveness in less than a year in office implemented the Free SHS policy in the phase of severe challenges Ghana found itself as was once said by Mr. John Mahama before Nana Addo took from him. Nana Addo ensured that every single Ghanaian child got access to free education at the Senior High level including Technical and Vocational Training.

Now Mr. Mahama claims that he is the one who started Free SHS and should be voted back to power to do it better after Nana Addo has implemented and even extended it to the absorption of their examination fees and the abolition of the payment of utility bill among many others.
2. Mr. John Mahama did not add a single library to the existing ones for all the 8 years his party was in power nor did he employ a single staff under his leadership but rather ran down all the existing ones while in less than 4 years, Nana Akufo Addo being a decisive leader was determined to develop the human resource of Ghana ensured the increment of the number of libraries under the management of Ghana Library from 61 to 82. The highest ever expansion of the library network since independence and employed 191 Ghanaians to work in public libraries as well as renovation and stock of existing ones.

Mr. John Mahama is back with the Minister who under her watch all these libraries collapsed as his running mate seeking for votes from the electorates, claiming to do it better, after Nana Addo fixing its pressing challenges and extending his digitization agenda to the library system in Ghana to be at par with the world.
3. Mr. John Mahama after taking over a robust economy that had exited from HIPIC, a robust economy that had discovered oil, with all other natural and human resources took Ghana to the IMF for policy and economic credibility and indecisively agreed to the conditionalities of the IMF not to employ Ghanaians, this he implemented to the latter. He did not employ Ghanaian graduates, neither did he employ teachers, nurses, among many other professionals which led to a massive unemployment rate in Ghana, leading to the formation of unemployment graduate associations with severe hardship and its ripple effects on Ghanaians. Meanwhile, Nana Akufo Addo made a decision and ensured that Ghana exited from the IMF and their conditionalities, lifting the employment ban in the public sector of Ghana. Through this single bold decision of H.E Nana Addo over Two million (2,000.000) Ghanaians have gained various jobs.

Mr. Mahama is now telling Ghanaians to vote him back and will ensure that 250,000 Ghanaians will be employed yearly making it 1,000,000 employment in 4 years, meanwhile, in less than 3 years Nana Akufo Addo has employed over 2,000,000 Ghanaians.
4. Mr. John Mahama imposed and increased over fifteen (15) taxes and levies on Ghanaians including "Kayayes" very poor head porters levy, taxes on even condoms beside the very high unemployment rate and hardship he impounded on Ghanaians but Nana Addo removed and reduced all these taxes impounded on Ghanaians by Mr. John Mahama and even went further to reduce import duties, communication tax, and many other taxes to reduce the hardship on Ghanaians and also help the Ghanaian industry to grow and further attract foreign investors.
Mr. Mahama is now convincing Ghanaians that he will abolish taxes when voted back into power after Nana Akufo Addo has done all the needful.
5. Mr. John Mahama in the midst of the hardship he plunged Ghanaians in, further went ahead to cancel teacher and nurses trainee allowances that supported students from deprived families, communities, and the majority of Ghanaian students. He publicly told Ghanaians to vote him out because he will never do otherwise and surely Ghanaians voted him out, but Nana Addo upon the inception into the Presidency quickly reintroduced and increased these allowances plus the cancellation of utility bills and examination fees which hitherto was being paid by these students.
Now Mr. Mahama is claiming he will maintain the allowance and even pay half of university fees for one year when Nana Addo upon restoring these allowances has gone ahead to put things in place to ensure that university students go through their education with just a presentation of their Ghana Identity Cards.
6. Mr. John Mahama through poor supervision and management of the banking sector saw the massive infiltration of Ponzi schemes and collapse of various banks in Ghana locking up funds of many Ghanaians. H.E Nana assured Ghanaians and customers of all the backs and Ponzi schemes of paying their funds and true to his words he has paid them.
Now Mr. Mahama who was in power under his watch that all these occurred is now claiming that he will refund these funds if voted back to power meanwhile these funds have already been refunded by H.E. Nana Addo.
The upcoming 7th December elections is about making a choice between who is a decisive leader or not. It Is about making a decision yourself about who a true leader is. Who has consistently shown and demonstrated at all levels of having leadership qualities, going by his word, being a decisive individual, of being consistent in conduct and deeds?

Who among the two is promoting, deepening, and projecting Ghana's democracy through good decision making, respect to institutions, rule of law, consistency, public pronouncements, and conduct, and who is on the other hand indecisive "dead goat",  breaking all rules, standards, very inconsistent and indecisive as well as drawing Ghana's democracy into mediocrity with the highest level of hypocrisy and persistently precipitating wicked propaganda across all levels of his engagement?
Who among the two is an existential threat to Ghana's democracy and development? Who among the two has exhibited through decision making as the one we can entrust our country and destiny too.
Politics is not merely about political parties or individuals but rather on the track records, attributes, policies, leadership, humility, and what they bring to the table.
Ghanaians please I humbly present to you this " dead goat" Mr. John Mahama and this fine gentleman H.E. Nana Akufo Addo.
Make your decision now, don't be indecisive. Think through and secure you and your generation now.
Your vote on 7th December counts. It is a personal decision to our development or destruction, progression, or retrogression.

The decision is yours to make.

Please let us all make the right decision now.
Part two coming soon

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