The Good People Of Effutu Are Comfortable With Hon. Alex Markin's Exemplary Leadership

Ghanaweb publication on 3rd October 2020 which chronicled the mammoth crowd of the recent health walk organized by the New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament for Effutu has sent shivers down the spine of the  "ab3br3s3" clan led by one James Kofi Annan who parades himself as the acclaimed Effutu alternative.

The huge numbers Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin pulled on that faithful day is an indication that the good people of Effutu are satisfied with his good works as their MP and are willing to renew his mandate come December 7th, 2020. It is also evidence that the good people of Effutu are not interested in any busy body who out of desperation suddenly became an NDC member upon the unfortunate resignation of a constitutionally elected parliamentary candidate.

Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo -Markin's exemplary leadership coupled with his humility and gentleness is the reason why the good people of Effutu abandoned the NDC in 2012

 The said abandonment is in respect of the fact that, for the first time, the good people of Effutu decided to vote for him as their member of parliament.

The records show that, even before his emergence, the entire Effutu was heavily dominated by the NDC.

It is instructive to note that, the numerous infrastructure projects and poverty eradication policies executed by Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo -Markin in his few years he has been at the forefront is an obvious manifestation that, over the years NDC dominated Effutu Constituency, the entire Effutu was in serious deprivation and that is the more reason why Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin is working so tirelessly to put Effutu on the right path.

Those who were seen on the streets on 3rd October 2020 where people from different Communities/Electoral areas who have been touched by the profound polices successfully implemented by the venerable  Hon. Alex Markin culminating resounding transformation in the lives of the people.

Under Hon. Alex Markin, more than two hundred young men in Effutu are owners of the very Taxi's they are driving. These are young men who due to strange circumstances couldn't climb the academic ladder but are now making ends meet through the" work and pay " Taxi policy initiated by him. 

I have always maintained that the policy of the NDC to expand Okada business continues to be a wack policy having regard to Hon. Alex Markin's "work and pay" taxi policy which has better the lives of many people in Effutu. It is so because, those who are in the Okada would have preferred a better alternative if they had gotten the chance like the very opportunity, Hon. Alex Markin extended to most of these young men who wanted to do the Taxi business but didn't have the muscles to do it because they lacked financial capabilities.

Hon. Alex Markin could have opted for Okada work and pay policy but because as a visionary leader and a forward-thinking person, he realized that those in that business may have been compelled to go into that just because of their subsisting predicament and that given an opportunity, they would opt out of the same business the NDC criminalized in 2012 due to its dangerous implications on the well being of the state.

Today, under Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin, over five hundred (500) petty traders have gotten financial support to cushion their activities. Many Effutu young men and women at the various tertiary levels have gotten support through scholarship schemes. 

The last time I checked, Hon. Alex Markin had distributed over six hundred(600) sewing machines to apprentices who successfully went through training and completed. 

Hairdressers on the other hand have not been spared in any of his policies. Hairdryers have also been distributed as well.

It stands to reason that, in the entire twelve years of his predecessor, all these things could have been done but the NDC never saw any wisdom in doing those things and that is why Hon. Alex Markin has always been hitting the grounds with numerous projects spanning from libraries, community centers, and toilet facilities for deprived communities.

The question is, were all these towns currently benefitting from Hon. Alex Markin's policies not in existence throughout the years the NDC past MPs clinched on to the Effutu seat? What were they doing all these years? No wonder all the most deprived communities in Ghana are found in NDC strongholds. If the good people of Effutu had not rejected their Parliamentary candidate in 2012, they would be denied the things, Hon. Alex Markin is doing today which is improving their lives.

He has done a lot that, time would not permit me to list them all. In order not to bore my readers with lengthy stuff let me pause here for the meantime.

#Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo -Markin has always been the best and would continue to be the best.#

Dawda Eric(Equity)

UEW Alumnus

8the October,2020

[email protected]

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