Come Clean Of PDS Fraudulent Scandal - UPP Tells Government

We in the UPP are shocked of the happenings at Power Distribution Service (PDS ). The UPP at the beginning of this concession said ECG was capable of transforming the power distribution sector hence no need to put source and we have been vindicated by the alleged fraudulent act at PDS.
Super bad decisions were made which is bleeding our country dry.

Obviously a good decision that was soiled with nepotistic tendencies inherent in the NPP and NDC.

We are still in shock that MiDA , the bidding committee , Parliament and the Government did not do due diligence before handing over ECG to PDS.
There questions that MiDA , K.T Hammond, Energy Ministry and the Ministry of Finance must answer

a. Which individuals are the local partners of PDS?

b. What validation process did MiDA, K.T Hammond's committee subjected the PDS to, what was their recommendations that led to PDS wining the concession?

C. We understand Cal Bank sent a notification to the Ministry of Finance that almost 8 million dollars have been received from Al koot , how true is that. Has the Ministry not Finance done some investigation no that payment?

We suggest the following should be done to help alleviate the situation:

1. We must cancel the PDS deal.

2. Change the concession since ECG is capable of managing the power distribution sector.

3. Special Prosecutor's must crack the on the PDS saga if any financial malpractice has taken place.

4. Dissolve and reconstitute the EGG board.

5. Re-evaluate and consolidate the ECG assets.

6. Employ the cash waterfall system to manage the ECG.

UPP urges Government to come clean on the PDS scandal and public officials involve must be pushed.

#Long live Ghana
#Long live the UPP

Kenneth Nana kwame Asamoah

Acting chairman



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