We Are Making Prudent Planning, Not Reckless Expenditures - NHIS Boss

The Acting CEO of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has defended the Scheme’s move to make investments.

Dr. Lydia Dsane-Selby said the Scheme is not barred by law from investing its funds arguing that it is a mark of good insurance companies worldwide.

“Every insurance company tries to invest to have a certain amount of cover so that you can be sure at any time you can pay your claims,” she told the press at a briefing Tuesday.

Her comment follows accusations by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that government is diverting ¢1 billion of the NHIS funds into projects outside its mandate.

According to them, the monies are being used for projects which are averse to the core objectives of the Scheme at the time it is struggling to offset debts owed to service providers.

They claim that the National Health Insurance Authority in 2018 expended over ¢160 million of the Scheme’s funds to pay nursing trainee allowances.

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