Go For New Voters’ Register If Current One Isn’t Reliable-Ga Presbytery Chairman Advises EC

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Hope Congregation, Sakumono Estate in the Ga Presbytery of the church held a thanksgiving service to climax activities marking its 10th-anniversary celebration in Accra.

The service which attracted a host of PCG Clergy and well-wishers from afar and near was on the theme “A Decade of Discipleship: Celebrating the Goodness of God”.

Rev. Dr. Victor Okoe Abbey Chairperson of Ga Presbytery who was speaking as the guest speaker encouraged the congregation to rise up with determination and start shaping their generation for the celebration of the Silver Jubilee in the next fifteen years.

He further said, “the harvest is indeed plentiful so take advantage of the provisions of the Lord has made among you to bring in the sheaves”.

In an interview with a group of journalists after the ceremony, Rev. Dr. Okoe Abbey waded into the ongoing brouhaha on the voters’ register, saying that “if we have a data that is trustworthy then let us build upon it if we do not have, what are we going to do?”

“Is the present idea of re-opening it and doing it all together, a perfect idea? Are we building a new and a reliable database that we can build upon or is it going to be the same thing we have done all the time?”, he asked.

He reiterated that “If there are some flaws in this current one and we are being assured that we are going to build a better and a reliable database that can be built upon in the future, then why not, let us do our thing and do it right but if it is going to be the same thing that when another Government comes they will also say they want to re-open and do it afresh then we will be wasting the resources of the nation”.

He further quizzed “so for me, the basic question is what wrong with the current one that we have? Is it reliable? If it is not reliable, what are we going to do? If we are going for afresh one, are we taking into consideration the problems we had with the first one and so have plugged the loopholes for us to have a very reliable one that can be upgraded from time to time”.

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