Man Hospitalised With 3-Day Erection After Taking Viagra Meant For Bulls

A man was rushed to hospital after taking “Viagra” meant for bulls and ending up with a three-day erection, according to reports.

The unnamed bloke – who was reportedly planning a steamy encounter with a date – is said to have taken the sexual stimulant in Veracruz, Mexico.

The powerful Viagra-like drug – used by farmers to arouse bulls to inseminate cows – left him rock hard for three whole days, Jornada reports.

The randy lad apparently tried to play it cool, hoping its effects would wear off.

But with no sign of this happening it seems he was eventually forced to seek medical help.

A shocking snap claims to show the patient lying on a treatment table after finally plucking up the courage to go to a doctor.

He reportedly needed emergency surgery to get his manhood back to normal, according to La Republica.

Doctors that treated him are quoted as saying: "He was hospitalised in the Specialised Hospital 270 of the city of Reynosa.

“He had taken a sexual stimulant which he had bought in Veracruz, used by farmers in that region to invigorate bulls for insemination.”

It’s not the first report of someone ending up worse for wear after experimenting with a sex drug.

A Brit man ended up hospitalised in agony last year after taking Viagra and then allowing a date to inject his todger with an erection enhancer.

Swansea-born Jazz singer Danny Polaris had an erection for two weeks with doctors at the time warning they faced a "race against time" to save his penis.

And another Brit was warned his willy might “die” after suffering a similar problem caused by a rare reaction to coming off painkillers.

What is Priapism?

Priapism is a long-lasting painful erection that can cause permanent damage to a penis if not treated quickly.The condition may get better on its own within 2 hours.Prompt treatment for priapism is usually needed to prevent tissue damage that may result in permanent erectile dysfunction and the inability to get or maintain an erection.Priapism most commonly affects men in their 30s and older.

Ischemic priapism:

Ischemic priapism, also called low-flow priapism is the more common type of priapism and is the result of blood not being able to leave the penis.Signs and symptoms include:Erection lasting more than four hours or unrelated to sexual interest or stimulation.

Rigid penile shaft, but the tip of penis is soft.

Progressive penile pain.

Nonischemic priapism:

Also known as high-flow priapism and usually less painful than ischemic priapism, occurs when penile blood flow isn't regulated appropriately.

Signs and symptoms include:

Erection lasting more than four hours or unrelated to sexual interest or stimulation

Erect but not fully rigid penile shaft.

Causes of priapism:

Priapism most commonly affects people with sickle cell disease.Less common causes include:

Blood-thinning medicines, like warfarin

Some antidepressants

Recreational drugs, like cannabis and cocaine

Some medicines for high blood pressure

Other blood disorders, like thalassaemia and leukaemia

Some treatments for erection problems

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