Keep Children Away From Mobile Phones To Prevent Cancer

Mr Paul Opoku Agyemang, the Executive Director of African Cancer Organization (ACO) has advised parents to keep mobile phones away from children as research has proven that it has a greater risk of causing cancer.

He said mobile phones were very good but emit radiation and because children’s nervous systems were still developing they become more vulnerable to factors that may cause brain cancer.

Mr Agyemang said this during a day’s workshop for staff of the Ghana News Agency in Accra.
The training was part of the Organization’s series of sensitization programmes using data, to promote cancer prevention through awareness creation and screening.

The sensitization programme is to help people to avoid exposure to things that could cause cancer as well as early detection for effective treatment.

The Executive Director explained that cancers, which are simply abnormal growth in various parts of the body were caused by factors including biological, geographical, social, political or cultural factors, saying that their names were derived according to where the growth would occur.

Mr Agyemang classified cancer as chemical (exposure to unhealthy diets, medical, nuclear), biological (family, ageing, childbearing) and physical (consumption of alcohol, drugs, tobacco) and carcinogens.

They spread in three ways namely through the blood vessels, body Lymphatic nodes he said.
Mr Agyemang mentioned some of the common cancers in Ghana as breast, cervical, colon, and rectum and ovarian, adding that more people were dying from such cancers.

He said in as much as they are advocating for mobile phones to be kept away from children, adults must also minimize the risks of mobile phone usage.

Research indicates that people who stay on phone for an hour in a day were likely to develop brain cancers in the next 10 years, he added.

It is therefore advisable to put long phone conversations on loudspeaker or use an earpiece to remedy the situation.

He advised Ghanaians to ensure that they use mobile phones with low Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) as a safety precaution and added that phones with SAR above three emit more radiation.

He reiterated the need for regular screening, vaccination and early detection to cut down on the number of cancer cases in the country.

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