Parliament Urges Cabinet To Expedite Action On Proposed GSA Bill

Parliament has urged cabinet to expedite action on the proposed Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) Bill for submission and consideration.

The bill has gone through the Attorney- General's department and currently at the level of cabinet for consideration according to a report of the Committee on Trade, Industry and Tourism of Parliament.

The Committee noted that the passage of the proposed bill will give the GSA financial autonomy to effectively carry out their mandate.

The house made the appeal to cabinet when it adopted a report of the committee on Trade, Industry and Tourism on a statement made in Parliament by Hon Ato Panford MP for Shama on 19th April 2019 on the challenges posed  by imported sub-standard electrical cables , gadgets and accessories  which referred to the Committee for consideration and report to the House.

Parliament also recommended as contained in the report of the Committee that the Ministry of Finance should restore the 15% share of the 1% Destination Inspection Levy to the GSA without being capped to enhance their operations.

Speaking to Journalists at Parliament House on the recommendations made by parliament, the CEO of the Ghana Standards Authority Prof Alex Doodoo stressed the need for government to adequately resource the GSA to perform its duties effectively.

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