Adentan-Madina Highway Accidents: Government Commiserate With Victims

Deputy Information Minister, Pious Enam Hadzide on behalf of government has commiserate with families of victims of the Adenta carnage.

He says those accidents were needless and avoidable.

Speaking on Okay FM’s 'Ade Akye Abia' programme, the former Deputy Sports Minister explained that government has taken steps to have the bridges fixed.

According to him, what has happened at Adenta was unfortunate but government is committed to fixing the problem permanently.

"This is not the time to apportion blames to find out who did what and who caused what. Government will ensure that the foot bridges are fixed in no time.

"That notwithstanding, we have provided temporary measures to ensure that the carnages on that stretch of Adenta highway are prevented," he said.

There was some chaos on the Adenta-Oyarifa road on Friday evening as some residents of Adenta Barrier staged a demonstration to demand the construction of footbridges on the road.

The protest was sparked after a resident was killed in a hit-and-run incident that same evening.

Nine soldiers from the patrol team in charge of Madina-Adenta were deployed to restore calm in the area.

But after they left, the angry residents re-mobilized and placed tyres, gallons and cement blocks on the road.

According to them, such deaths have become a common occurrence due to the absence of footbridges.

Residents complained that, “We wrote a letter to our assembly, people we know who can help, but till now, they have not tried to help us. Almost every month, people are dying here. We need flyovers here.”

The Ministry of Roads and Highways has announced that work on the footbridges on the Adenta-Madina highway will begin within a week.

A joint statement issued by an Inter-Ministerial Committee made up of sector ministers for Roads and Highways, Transport and Interior on Thursday observed with worry the frequent road accidents on the highway.

The statement came after youth of Adentan mounted a roadblock to protest the incessant deaths, which came to a head on Thursday following the killing of a lady said to be a student of West Africa Senior High School (WASS).

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