My Attires, Sandals Are Produced By My Constituents - Muntaka

Member of Parliament (MP) for Asawanse, Alhaji Muntaka has disclosed that his clothes and footwear are produced by some youth in his constituency.

According to Muntaka, he has since inception supported these group of tailors called ‘the Muslim garments Association’ who sew all he wears and make his footwear.

“There is one gentleman who does extremely well with sandals. If you see me wearing any sandals it’s from my community. I support the Muslim Garment Tailors Association and today many of them have established very well. Today, I wear dresses made from my community, shoes that are also made from my community and so on,” he exclusively told GhanaWeb

In what is termed as his piece of advice to the youth, Alhaji Muntaka stated that they should learn to establish small businesses for themselves instead of always expecting to be employed.

“Many of us believe that once we’ve finished university, the next thing is to get a government job. We should be thinking about what do on our own. I don’t fault them, that has been the trend. All of us did that. Even myself when I finished school, I felt I needed to get a government job but later I set up my own small business and it has helped me till now. I have no regrets,” he stated

He added, it was never in his plan to work with the government.

“After school, it was never on my mind to work in the government sector. I worked briefly with USAID and co before I finally left school but it never crossed my mind to work in government.

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