I'm Part Lebanese - Pretty Actress & Fashionista Afua Rida Shares Few Facts About Herself

So happy to have you all!!! Just for fun, I decided to share a few facts about myself to re-introduce myself.
1. I live in Accra, Ghana. Usually in South Africa twice a year apart from this Covid 19 year. 🙁
2. I am the 7th child out of 8
3. I am part Ghanaian and part Lebanese.
4. I am a digital content creator, stylist, consultant.
5. I speak English, a little bit of French and perfecting my Twi slowly, now that I live in Ghana. My accent is terrible 🙈. 6. I am super shy! Over the years I have figured out ways to cover it up but I am who I am.....
7. My friends think I am secretive, but I am just not a natural sharer. When you see it, you will see it. 😬 writing this list made me nervous!
8. I love Asian food! Sushiiiiiii
9. Other favourite things; the colours burgundy and emerald green, roses, chocolate, quiet spaces and being around water.
10. A bit of a perfectionist, which actually hinders me from trying new things out because I can already foresee how not prefect it will be. 🤦🏽‍♀️
11. I love to box. 🥊 Currently working on my defense. How is that going? I still get slapped in the face a lot.
12. Things that never fail to make me smile, are children, cute puppies, old people and couples that you just know are happy together.
13. Biggest pet peeve are when people assume something and never ask the right questions.
14. My favorite time of the year; fall! Even though I don’t live in Canada anymore, I still think about the cool breeze, the yellow and red leaves and layers I got to create with my clothing.
15. I have never been on the Asian continent. I would love to visit in the future. - A little bit about me in a nutshell 💁🏽‍♀️

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