First Game of Thrones, Now Lucifer — Stella Damasus Claims ‘Lucifer’ Series is A Soul Winning Campaign for the Devil

I watch ‘Lucifer’ religiously, love the hell out of that show. I’m surprised it has taken Africans this long to tag it as a satanic show aimed to win souls for the devil.

Nigerian actress Stella Damasus says the Netflix show is a campaign to get people to love and admire ‘abonsam’ and she has subsequently banned it in her house and stopped her children from watching it.

‘Lucifer’, for those unaware, is a Hollywood television series which follows the exploits of Lucifer Morningstar, former angel of God who led a rebellion against the big guy and was subsequently banned to rule hell for all eternity; until he decided he was tired of his job and took a vacation to Los Angeles, California.

The ‘Lucifer’ character is indeed a charming, easygoing and filthy rich nightclub owner played by British actor Tom Ellis. He is the show’s protagonist and we are meant to like him, and indeed most viewers do like him. But only morons cannot tell the difference between television and real life, that is if the devil is even real and not a figment of the collective diseased imagination of the religious.

Check out Stella Damasus’ post below…

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