VIDEO: Where’s The Fake Butts You Claim I’ve Got? – Salma Mumin Asks Critics

Salma Mumin has rubbished rumours making waves on social media about travelling to Turkey to undergo butt enhancement surgery.

The actress in the latest video posted on her Instagram page asked her critics about where the hell is the fake butts they claim she’s got?

She posted the short video with the caption;

“THE INTERVIEW I WILL GRANT WHEN I LAND PAA DIERR, Hmmm some 7 times A$$ job people won’t be able to come out again. 😂 where the supposed A$$ they claim i did though? Ahh enon nti Amanfo) bi en tu mi en da 😂😂😂😂”.

In short, Salma Mumin wants to tell us that she travelled to Turkey just to chill and have fun.




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