Fella Makafui Finally Addresses Her Fans On The Break-up With Medikal In A Live Video; Says It Is No Joke – Watch

The much-awaited “State Of The Relationship” address from Fella Makafui on her supposed break-up with Medikal has finally happened.

The fact is, it was not as many people expected, especially after the tweet Fella Makafui shared yesterday on her page.

For those of you who didn’t see the tweet, the actress promised to disclose all the nitty-gritty about why their love relationship was ending.

To be precise, her tweet read: “Honestly speaking the usual me won’t clear the air about anything but I’m doing this for the few genuine people who love me for me ..I WILL BE SPILLING SOME TEA  TOMORROW (SUNDAY) 6pm !! GRAB SOME POPCORN”

However, her live video press conference was a direct opposite of what she promised.

There was no spilling of tea but just a confirmation of the fact that they are having a problem as lovebirds, something she points out every relationship goes through.

The Fella Wine Shop boss also added that she has decided to hold onto the explosive details because it bothers on their private life.

In the end, the one thing that is clear from her remarks in the video is that she is nurturing some hope that they will get back together very soon after they have worked out their differences.

Anyway, Fella says she is focusing on herself, family and businesses now. Watch the video below for more…




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Fella Makafui Finally Go Live in instagram to address her breakup with Medikal

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