Gifty Anti Writes: I Don’t Have It All, I Am Still Struggling But....

It’s a Friday.... No matter how far you go,

No matter how high you get,

No matter how much your life changes,

There are certain things that never change about you.
I am Afia Dansoa.... Afia... something that germinates.
No matter how low I get, how deep they try to ‘bury me’,... No matter how far I fall... I will struggle to get back on my ‘feet’ and keep my head high.
I will scream, I will cry, I will beg.....But I will get back on my feet.
Dansoa.... something unique. Something that stands out.
I have been considered as wired, odd.... But I didn’t change for anyone. I made my own mistakes, I failed, I took advice, I learnt .... But I stayed true to who I am.
Through that, I stood out. Wherever, I went, I stood out... because I ‘am the odd one out’. I don’t do ‘every body’, I do me.
I am unique, because I travel my journey, knowing where I am coming from, not forgetting my history and being Grateful for how far the Lord has brought me.
I don’t have it all, I am still struggling but I don’t give up and won’t give up, because I am mindful of the multitude who look up to me.
And though I have broken my right ankle twice, I still love wearing shoes, even if it’s for photo ops. (Resilience) 😀

And oh, at 50 years, I still love wearing leggings. (That hasn’t changed) 🙄😂😂😂. Have a beautiful week people. Love you all.

And never ever forget the Crazy Faith in God

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