You're A Big Disgrace To Women; 'Nkurasesem'! - Whitney Boakye Goes Hard On Tracey Boakye

Entertainment Pundit and event organizer, Whitney Boakye Mensah has blasted actress Tracey Boakye for using unsavoury words on singer Mzbel.

Tracey Boakye, in a fit of anger, labeled Mzbel as a ''foolish old woman, an animal'' and went further to talk about the singer's private parts which she said had grown grey hair, because she claims Mzbel is sharing a man with her.

Touching on the issue on 'Entertainment Review' on Peace FM, Whitney Boakye described Tracey Boakye as an ''uncivilized lady and acts like she wasn't brought up well''.

According to her, Tracey should be ashamed for describing Mzbel in vulgar language.

"I am so disappointed in her. All these people call themselves role models...You may have deleted those videos but only God knows where they have ended up. And any time, somebody will dig up anything to do with Mzbel, these are the things that will come up. How dare her disgrace all women," she boiled with anger.

Listen to her full submissions below:

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