Lydia Forson Responds To Claims She Had An Affair With Popular Married Actor Desmond Elliot

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has been exposed for allegedly sleeping with Nigerian actor turned politician, Desmond Elliot.

In the heat of Desmond Elliot’s controversy over the EndSARS protest, Nigerians are roasting him for failing them as a youth in government. As a result, there has been a report that the wife of Desmond Elliot allegedly caught him cheating with Lydia Forson.

Nigerian blogger, Cutie Julls dropped the gist and dared the politician to deny if he’s a man! Coming after that, a fan has approached Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson to clarify the rumours.

He wrote with a screenshot taken from the report, ‘Ms Independent Woman, Ms. I know All. Is it true?’

Reacting to it, Lydia Forson angrily hit back, noting it’s a baseless report. She wrote, ‘If we’re now going by allegations people make on the internet without proof, then“you slept with a goat, impregnated it and gave birth to a hugoat’

Check out the screenshot below;




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I’m really sorry for myself for allowing what Desmond Eliot said shock me. : The way he still went ahead to continue eating his Ghana Jollof even after the wife had caught him red handed and even warned Lydia the Jollof owner is enough to tell me that it’s no surprise that it’s very normal for such a man to actually stand in the house of assembly to say that hoodlums stealing an Oba’s staff is enough to wipe a country off the surface of this enough and not personnel of the armed forces shooting at unarmed protesters : Cutie, you sef, why are you angry? It was rough at the hotel in Lagos. Let him/her deny it and is that same Oba’s staff that will strike them. : Hunku Desmond, please respect your office. Let it not be that I dey talk your matter cuz you know say I know your gists wella. I don’t support hate speech on social media but in this case, that’s not what is killing Nigeria. USA would have been long dead. What is killing Nigeria is bad governance and personnel of the armed forces shooting and killing protesters. That’s what brought the whole brouhaha. Those are the things that if not handled properly can escalate into something very dangerous. Thank you

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So those of you yarning about me dragging Desmond Elliot extra marital affairs into the whole social media thing he said. : Well, need I remind you that this is a gossip page or blog if you want to call it that. : Also, don’t be fooled but extra marital affairs is also one of the reasons why these politicians embezzled state funds. Do you know most girls who date married men do it for financial gains? So if Desmond’s salary isn’t to enough to take care of his home and his side chics, the state funds can actually suffer or in the least, it will lead to bribery and corruption? Ask both Desmond and Lydia if Desmond’s wife did not catch them at a hotel? Why are y’all yarning? Do you know how long this gist has been sitting on my table? I even gave hints about it on my old page before it was hacked. If it’s just by dragging both of them, I could have done that then. Abeg, this is not about dragging. It’s me telling Desmond that engaging in bribery and corruption to satisfy our side pieces as a politician has the potential of running a country down more than social media comments and hoodlums going to steal Oba’s staff which Oba replaced under the space of 3 days anyway. Abeg, chill and ask any of them if what I’m saying isn’t true. The wife dealt with Lydia wella

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