New Season Of Today’s Woman Starts Tomorrow

After a bit of a break, a new season of TV3’s female focused show, Today’s Woman, returns to our screens bigger and better with a new host from tomorrow, June 14 at 3p.m.

Stunning actress/television personality, Michelle Attoh, has been tapped to host the show, which is dedicated to supporting women in their chosen fields of endeavour and focuses on educating as well as inspiring them to be the best.

New direction

The conversation on the show this season will be around women’s health and wellness, balancing work and family life, capacity building and value addition for career progression as well as providing a community for women to help one another.

This season, the show will combine fun, celebrity news and human-interest stories, with each episode offering a proven tip that makes the entire idea of ‘doing it all’ a little less complicated.
In addition, viewers are offered the opportunity to be part of the show by sharing their opinions on the stories to be discussed through social media.


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