Ghana FA Boss Blasts Executive Committee For Confidential Leaks

Ghana FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi has launched a withering attack on executive committee members of the federation who leak confidential documents to the media. In recent months there has been leaks from executive committee members to the media which has led to some uproar. Apart from confidential documents which are sent to the in full to the media, meetings are sometimes recorded by unknown members and passed on to the press. Text messages of discussions during key meetings have also been sent to the media which means confidentiality is breached. This comes even though members of the executive committee have sworn the oath of secrecy. An official post-mortem report of Ghana�s campaign at the 2012 Nations Cup was brandished across football websites in Ghana moments after its presentation by coach Goran Stevanovic which led to international embarrassment. Nyantakyi has thus condemned the �shameful� act of leaking otherwise confidential documents to the media by members of the Executive Committee. �I was shocked to the bone marrow to see a copy of the official document presented to us at the Executive Committee on a website just after the meeting,� he told Joy Sports. �I really poured my disappointment to the members; perhaps they don�t appreciate their work as an Executive Committee member. �You don�t know the motivation, whether they want to rundown someone, whether they want to tarnish the image of the association, I don�t know. �What it means is that in future people will feel reluctant when presenting a report to the Executive Committee and therefore reports will now be read out. �The report presented by the coach was expected to be a confidential report so you don�t leak such documents. �I don�t care if you want to get back at me. For me its shameful for someone to do such a thing but I believe that anyone who indulges in such acts will be found out with time.� The leaking of the confidential documents exposed Ghana to international ridicule after it emerged that the coach was worried over the use of �black power�.