Man Nearly Killed On The Abeka-Lapaz Highway

A young man, believed to be in his late twenties escaped death when he was knocked down by a taxi cap on the Abeka-Lapaz stretch of the N1 Highway on Friday night. The man was reported to have been crossing at the pedestrian crossing when the driver, at a top speed knocked him down and sped off. When the Ghana News Agency got to the scene of the accident at about, the man, visibly shaken seemed alright and sat down with eye witnesses around him, as he was unable to stand on his feet. An eye witness told the GNA that the victim was crossing the highway at the time that the pedestrian light turned green, when out of nowhere the driver disregarded the traffic light and knocked him. According to the eye witness, the victim would have died in the process if he had not jumped in time to other side of the road, “but the car still managed to run over one of his legs and he is hurt,” he said. The victim was rushed to the Lapaz Community Hospital for treatment and there was no police officer was on duty make any arrest.