All must work towards peaceful elections-NAPRM-GC

The Kumasi Metropolitan Steering Committee of the National African Peer Review Mechanism-Governing Council (NAPRM-GC), has urged party leaders, supporters and the citizenry in general to avoid speeches and actions likely to disrupt Election 2012. It reminded the various parties that in all their campaigns, rallies and other political activities, they should abide by the Parties’ Code of Conduct before and during the elections to consolidate political stability. A message signed by Mr. Emmanuel Edmund Premoh, the Chairman, (NAPRM-GC), copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Kumasi asked all political actors to always put the nation’s interest first by ensuring that their campaigns messages were responsive to the socio-economic needs of the people. The statement said “there are a lot of more pressing issues that need to be addressed, particularly youth unemployment, infrastructural development, stabilizing the economy, maternal deaths, provision of good drinking water and inadequate health personnel.” This, it said, ought to engage the attention of politicians continually as democracy was about “service to the people.” The statement acknowledged the importance of unity in the building of any society, stressing that it was high time Africa worked harder to share knowledge and resources, as well as technical expertise in all fields to help alleviate the plight of the masses. African leaders must uphold rule of law, good governance and democratic principles, respect for the fundamental human rights of all and also avoid discrimination in all its forms for the advancement of the continent.