Cocoa Cures Malaria

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR and Head of the Anatomy Department at the University of Ghana Medical School, Prof Frederick Kwaku Addai has revealed that regular consumption of natural cocoa powder can treat malaria. He said cocoa powder also reduced high blood pressure and burned a lot of body fat. Prof. Addai urged people with malaria to take cocoa tea everyday in order to prevent contracting malaria. He made these statements during the University of Ghana Medical School�s 50th anniversary celebration lecture at the British Council Hall in Accra. It was on the theme, �Cocoa and Your Health: The Tip of the Iceberg.� He said regular consumption of cocoa also reduced cholesterol, prevented tooth decay and reversed liver damage in heavy drinkers by two percent. He urged the farmers to increase cocoa production in the country in order to make the product more abundant on the market. The Chairman for the occasion, Professor A.S. Ayettey, urged government to establish a policy that will enable the farmers to plant more cocoa trees.