MMDAs Urged To Give Support To Forest Enterprises

Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies have been urged to do more to support the growth of small and medium forest enterprises (SMFEs). Mr. Samuel Kwabena Nketiah, Director of Troponbos International, an NGO, said these enterprises needed to be supported with the basic infrastructure to flourish. The SMFEs he noted, if given the necessary assistance could play unique roles in the development of the economy, improve livelihoods and bring down rural poverty and joblessness. Mr. Nketiah was speaking at the launch of “Source Book” for SMFEs in Ghana at Atebubu in the Atebubu-Amanten District in the Brong Ahafo Region. The ceremony coincided with the presentation of a heather honey pressing machine and refractometer equipment valued at $1,000.00 to the Atebubu Honey Producers Association. The machine is for honey moisture content determination. Troponbos has been providing training and logistics to community groups engaged in honey production. Nationwide, more than 17,000 people are into this economic activity but not much success has been achieved in terms of commercial production of honey. He said things would have to change to enable the producers to take advantage of the appreciable local and international demand. He identified the lack of organisation, legal coverage and tenure of security as major challenges faced by the SMFEs. Mr. Nketsiah said his organisation was facilitating linkages between the Atebubu Honey Production Group, service providers and marketing outlets. Mr. Sanja Nanja, District Chief Executive, commended the NGO for helping to promote honey production in the area to raise the income levels of the population. He urged farmers to embrace the project and diversify their farming activities to earn more returns.