Bad Daddy

One day while Little Johnny and his freind Arnie were playing out in the back yard,they started talking about their dads. Lil Johnny; My daddy is tougher than yours! Arnie; No way bud, my daddy is bad! Lil Johnny; I'm telling you man, my dad is badder than yours. Arnie; Man, my dad is so bad he took the motor out of his car with his bare hands and threw it on the ground! THATS how bad he is! Lil Johnny; Man that is pretty bad, but my dad is badder than that! Arnie;Oh yaeh? How's that? Lil Johnny;My dad is so bad that he eats light bulbs. Arnie; Huh? No way. Have you seen him do that? Lil Johnny; No, but I was passing by him and mom's bedroom door the other night and heard him tell mom "Turn out that light so I can eat that thing," THAT's how bad he is!