My Divorced Neighbour

BIRTHDAY WAHALA!!! Girl: sweetheart my birthday is approaching. Guy: yeah babes I know. Girl: what will you like to buy for me as a gift for your angel. Guy: anything you want Girl: ☺kaγ̲̣̣̥, just a small gift dear.... Girl : just name it Girl: honey a Murano. Guy: that is okay - after buying the murano sweet I will get you a murano biscuit and murano drinks along with it. Girl: nooooooooo, I mean a murano jeep. Guy: faints ** Divorced Neighbour:- A man was shocked to see his beautiful divorced neighbor knocking on his door one Friday evening. “I’m so horny that I can’t stand it.” she said. “I want to go out, get drunk and get laid. Are you free tonight?” “Yes!!!!” he replied enthusiastically. “Wonderful.” she said. “Would you watch my kids?”