Martin Amidu Couldn’t Even Prosecute A Fly When He Was A-G…He Should Give Us A Break – Lee Ocran

An NDC stalwart and a former diplomat has slammed former Attorney-General, Martin Amidu, for his fiery responses to some issues of topical concern wondering what he (Amidu) did in his capacity as A-G when he realized there was massive rot at his former office. His Excellency Lee Ocran, who is Ghana’s former Ambassador to South Africa and the current Minister of Education considers the periodic statements being issued by Mr. Amidu as simply irrelevant and a form of “noise making”. To him, Mr Amidu’s resort to the writing of treatise were rather denting his (Amidu’s) image since there is no evidence of him taking any action to rid the A-G’s department of the “rot” he claimed was prevalent in that outfit. “A fish starts rotting from the head and if he was there and he knew and couldn’t do anything, what is the noise he is making about? When a man is crazy… when a man is not right up there…who told him we want tutorials from him in law? Who told him that every day he should be writing statements? He should go and teach in the law school and write his statements. Why should he be writing statements and who wants to read them (anyway)?” he asked.