Betty Mould-Iddrisu Accuses PAC Of Demeaning Her Reputation

A former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mrs Betty Mould-Iddrisu, has accused the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament of demeaning her reputation, insisting that utterances of several of its members had cast a slur on her integrity. “Conclusive and categorical prejudicial statements have been made against me. My rights have been violated by this committee because procedures adopted by the PAC have given rise to comments that suggest criminal incriminations at my person”, she said when she appeared before the House to give evidence in the contentious Construction Pioneers (CP) judgement debt hearings. The former A-G descended heavily on the Chairman of the PAC, Mr Albert Kan-Dapaah, accusing him of damaging her hard-earned repute as a Ghanaian by using negative words to describe her role in the CP issue and allowing other members to trampling on her rights . “My right in this regard has been violated and trampled on by this committee. I put it to you that you have sat by and allowed my right to be trampled upon by this manner”, she told the Chairman. “I heard and saw you Chair brandishing the agreement on national television insisting that it was not signed and dated and how come this can be an agreement… The words unprofessional and fraudulent were used to stamp this agreement. I was the A-G and duly vetted. It was unfair and damaging to my reputation.” Mrs Mould Iddrisu, accompanied by three counsels also put MP for Atwima-Mponua, Isaac Asiamah on the spot, for alleging at the PAC that she plotted with the CP to defraud the country, saying, “These are criminal insinuations on the character of a former A-G.” “I have practiced law for over 30 years and was duly vetted by Parliament to be fully competent...And so these statements are most unfair and damaging to my reputation. “Notwithstanding this Hon. Chair, I am here ready to give evidence in protest. I am now in a position to hear you,” she said. Although the PAC members were divided over the former A-G’s submission, generating occasional heated arguments, Committee Chairman Kan-Dapaah registered his displeasure at Mrs Mould-Iddrisu’s statement which misconstrued statements made at the forum to suggest that she is a criminal.