NPP And NDC Battle For Same Day Campaign Launch

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is accusing leaders of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) of not being intelligent enough to do things on their own, as the two leading parties battle for the same day to launch their campaigns. The NDC will launch its campaign on August 25, the same day set aside by the NPP to launch theirs. This is a change from the initial date of July 28. The Deputy Local Government Minister, Elvis Afrieyie Ankrah had said that the party was forced to fall on the new date because of the Ramadan season. However, the Deputy Communications Director of the NPP, Perry Okudzeto, has told Citi News the NPP is unperturbed and will go ahead with their scheduled date. “It tells you the NDC lacks ideas and they wait for us to lead the way so they follow,” he said. “We chose the day first. We had planned our activities around August 25 and we were the ones who first said that we were going to hold an annual delegate congress on the 25th and when the manifesto is adopted, we will launch it officially on the 25th.” He added: “The NDC said they were going to launch their manifesto on 28th of July. If the 28th is no more convenient, why 25th of August?” He called on Ghanaians to give the NPP the mantle to rule the country because the NDC has proven it is “not smart or intelligent enough to even do things on their own but rather wait for the opposition to lead the way in doing everything in this country.”