In WAEC Examination, Dumebi Was Asked To Complete The ff:-

1. He who fights and run away? Dumebi: e don surrender be that, fear catch am 2. A rolling stone? Dumebi: No fi just dey roll, na person push am 3. He who lives in a glass house? Dumebi: Na rich politician e go be 4. Birds of the same feathers? Dumebi: Na the same mama born them 5. One good turn? Dumebi: Na correct power steering fit do am 6. A bird in hand? Dumebi: wetin he wan be again if ino be barbeque. 7. Half bread is better than? Dumebi: garri without sugar 8. A journey of a thousand miles? Dumebi: na the person wahala bi dat naa, why he no enter car or airplane He who laughs last? Dumebi: Get brain problem. - na beginning of madness be that All work and no play? Dumebi: Na bank job be that A patient dog? Dumebi: Na hunger go kill am A friend in need? Dumebi: na parasite be that Once beaten? Dumebi: Na revenge go follow be dat Will dumebi pass the exam???