PHOTO: Popular Ghanaian Actress Spotted Buying Roadside 'Hausa Koko'

Jaws dropped in disbelief when Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro screeched her sleek black Mercedes Benz C180 to a halt, got down and joined a queue of persons waiting to buy ‘Hausa Koko’, a special type of corn porridge sold by the roadside. The celebrated actress has become very popular in recent times and seeing her in a queue waiting to buy ‘Hausa Koko’ got people wondering whether there were no movie cameras and directors around. News-One sources who witnessed the incident said the actress was asked to leave the queue and go straight to the seller but she waited a few minutes before ‘jumping’ the queue, apparently because her presence was attracting a crowd. “She asked for the price of the ‘Kosey’ (beans cake). She was with a guy and she told him her brother likes it. She bought a lot of ‘Kosey’ and ‘Hausa Koko’ that were packaged in three transparent polythene bags for her. “While they were packaging her food, people started using their phones to take photographs of her and some also engaged her in a conversation. Even the sellers were happy and took photos with her instead of serving the buyers who had queued up,” an eyewitness said. This happened last Sunday at the Asylum Down Roundabout in Accra and soon became the talk of town because celebrities are seldom sighted buying food from roadside vendors. Checks by News-One revealed that Yvonne, on Sunday, visited the residence of the mayor of Accra, Alfred Nii Oko Vanderpuije, to pay tribute to the mayor’s dead wife and was apparently from there when she decided to the buy the ‘Hausa Koko’ and ‘Kosey’. It was unclear what went on at the mayor’s home but reports said she met with the mayor’s family and shared in their loss, as well as signed a condolence book. News-One had some exclusive pictures of the visit. Yvonne is an award-winning actress and currently, fingers are crossed for her to win Best Pan African Actress at the 2012 edition of the annual Nigeria Entertainment Award (NEA) scheduled for New York, United States of America, from August 31 to September 2. Her fans in Nigeria can vote for her by texting “NEA 20 Yvonne Okoro”, to 32051 all networks in Nigeria for Yvonne to win. She is one of the few Ghanaian actresses blessed with the talent of interpreting her roles excellently. She has over the years gathered a large fan base in Africa and is one of the most loved actresses around.