Ghanaians In London Warn NDC And NPP

Ghanaians residing in the United Kingdom (UK), especially London, want the December general elections to be peaceful. Most Ghanaians that spoke to Daily Guide in a vox pop conducted by the paper in London called on the populace to maintain peace in the country before, during and after the polls. According to them, the country’s democratic dispensation had attracted international praise and honour. The Ghanaian residents of London warned political parties, notably the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP), the two largest parties in the country, to embrace peace and shun all violent acts that could disturb the peace of the country.They accused members of the two parties of always issuing threats and making insinuations that could inflame passions and cause chaos in the country. Sharing his views on a topic, ‘What should Ghana do to sustain its peace in election 2012,’ Badu Poku Adu Boahen, a Ghanaian in the UK said “the entire country should respect the law in order to help maintain peace.” Boahen aka ‘Montana’ tasked the various political parties to respect the rules of the game (politics) and adhere to the law in order to help maintain peace. He also charged the ruling government to allow the Electoral Commission (EC), which is an independent body, to supervise the polls. Boahen cautioned that any attempt by the ruling administration to interfere with the work of the EC could anger members of the opposition political parties and result in mayhem. He passionately urged all stakeholders including the EC, security agencies, political parties, traditional leaders and for that matter Ghanaians in general to make the elections peaceful. Yaa Pokua, a Ghanaian based in North London, said Ghanaians in the UK are well respected by all manner of people across the globe because of the peaceful atmosphere flourishing in the country. She cautioned persons with fiendish motives against causing trouble in the country during the polls and urged the populace to respect the laws of the land.