Samini: Being Public Figure Is Too Much Pressure

Africa dancehall artiste Samini who is currently preparing to shoot his next video – ‘Girls Everywhere’ has admitted that being a public figure is too much pressure. The dancehall super Star, Channel O and MOGO winner explained his reason as: ‘sometimes fans don’t understand that as celebrities we have our serious moods, thinking moods and business moods. For a fan, every day is a business mood hence he / she always want to see you in the mood that they know. Samini gave an example as, the fact that I am always on stage or TV smiling and making you happy (because that is what I do) does not mean that is the way I leave my life every day, he said: ‘fans always want you to respond to them even at the times whereby you not aware they are churning your name’. He used funny face as an illustration: ‘because funny face is always shooting chorkor trotro and passing comic words, if a fan should see him in traffic, trying to either beat that traffic or get to his destination on time, a fan might think he is shooting chorkor trotro hence will scream his popular saying so loud. If funny face assuming did not hear hence could not respond, that fan will take it so personal and might either spread that news.’ These are some of the things that make celebrity status very difficult because as celebs we have no excuse in the face of our fans not to show love whenever they need it. He said this to the Miss Malaika final 10 delegates at the la Palm royal hotel when he shared some advises with them as they walk into stardom.