Creative Industry Stakeholders Discuss Issues Affecting Their Sector

Representatives of a number of associations in the creative industries in Ghana have held a meeting to discuss various issues concerning the sector and how to ensure improvements in the sector. The main issues discussed included the medium term plans for development of the creative sector which included such pointers as building institutional consensus towards the 2013 National budget and beyond and how to facilitate the establishment of a council for the creative industry. The meeting also discussed government’s allocation to the music industry. A Technical Committee has been set up to come up with a strategy and road map for the way forward. They will also be facilitating the development of an industry specific budget requirement to be presented to the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Culture for inclusion in the Creative Industry Component of the 2013. The various associations in attendance were the Musicians Union of Ghana, MUSIGA, Film Producers Association of Ghana, FIPAG, Audio Visual Rights Society ARSOG, The Ghana Association of Phonographic Industry, GAPI, Ghana Actors Guild and Ghana Association of Visual Artists.