ECG Warns Public

THE ELECTRICITY Company of Ghana (ECG) has admonished the general public to be cautious about their alternative source of power during this period of load shedding. Erasmus Kyere-Baidoo, Ashanti Regional Public Relations Manager, ECG, said it was important that the public remained circumspect during this period of load shedding of power. He said the alertness of the people, especially parents, would go a long way to prevent disasters such as fire outbreaks which usually claimed human lives and properties. The ECG Public Relations Manager said alternative sources of power like candles and inflammable sources could easily start fire outbreak in homes and shops if people became negligent. Mr. Kyere-Baidoo lamented over recent fire outbreaks in some areas of the country which claimed human lives and property, urging the general public to be careful about what they depended on for power during power outage to avert disasters. He pointed out that load shedding of power did not result in fire outbreaks in homes and work places as it was being speculated by sections of the general public. Mr. Kyere-Baidoo bemoaned situations where the public blamed the ECG for fire outbreaks in their homes and work places, citing flimsy excuses that the fires were started during power cuts. He also admonished the public to be cautious when using items such as mosquito coil. He indicated that the fire that is used to light the coil could trigger fire following the least negligence of some people. The ECG, he stated, wished to protect lives and properties at all times so he entreated the general public, notably parents to always demonstrate a lot of care and commitment when there is power outage. Mr. Kyere-Baidoo said the deficit in energy supply in the country had brought about the load shedding of power.