Vulco To Rid Ghana Of Used Tyres

Vulco, a subsidiary of Rana Motors, has indicated plans to rid the country of used tyres and also wrongful fitting of tyres to reduce road accidents. Opening a new outlet in Accra recently, Vinay Kapoor, its General Manager, said consumers were experiencing the benefits of Vulco’s outlets across Ghana through the professional and consultancy services it offers in comfortable ambience. He said the idea behind Vulco’s operations in tyre fitting, tyre alignment and tyre balancing through modern technology was to guard the lives of motorists and expand the lifespan of vehicles. “We are offering better quality services at competitive prices because our intention is not to fight the prices on the market but to offer better quality service as the same price. “What is critical is that we are not an expensive centre – we only offer state-of-the-art service at competitive prices and create a serene atmosphere of our customers to relax whiles we fix their wheels,” he said. In a remark, Mitcell Peters, General Manager of Goodyear Middle East, said the new centre would help improve safety by ensuring high quality services to the customer by moving sales points close to them and examining vehicles. Vulco is the modern retail concept of Europe from the house of Goodyear and is managed in Ghana by West-Africa Tyres Services (WAT) Limited, represented by Rana Motors Enterprise. Ghana is the first of countries in West Africa where Vulco has been introduced to promote high quality vehicle servicing to contribute to high vehicle performance and help minimize road accidents from tyre faults.