Home Proud Events Apologizes To Obrafour

In light of the recent alleged stories in circulation regarding Home Proud Events and Team Obrafour, we would like to emphatically state that the alleged stories did come from us at Home Proud. In as much as we admit that there had been a miscommunication between both parties during the initial planning stages we wish to state that is certainly not what is being portrayed by the news in circulation. The stories in circulation are therefore non-factual and exaggerated. In a bid to clarify the situation and create awareness about the truth, Home Proud Events will like to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt apology to any individual affected in one way or the other by the publications in circulation as to why Obrafour did not turn up for the All Star Revolution Concert in Kumasi. We will like to appeal to all fans of Home Proud Events and Obrafour to totally disregard the stories in circulation.