STATEMENT: Politicians Behind Unusual Price Hikes In Our Markets

The Coalition of Market Women has observed with sadness and disappointment activities of some of our colleague market women and colleague traders in the Ghana Union of Traders Association. We wish to express our worry over how some of our colleague market women have started increasing the prices of their items astronomically, with no apparent economic reason. Some members of our coalition have been approached by some political leaders to increase their prices invariably to bring about economic hardship on consumers, so as to create disaffection against the ruling government. These politicians promised to pay our members an amount of GHC 1,000.00 each to pursue this unethical and inhuman agenda. At least ten members of our coalition from the Kasoa, Kaneshie, Agbogbloshie, Katamanto and Dome Markets have already received the money. And it is evident from these markets, how prices from sellers are skyrocketing. The question is how many unpatriotic Ghanaians have been approached by these diabolic politicians to pursue this agenda? We only hope that the recent demonstrations and activities of the Ghana Union of Traders Association were not triggered or influenced by some of these wicked machinations. The Coalition agrees to the implementation of the law which seeks to realign or assign foreign traders to move away from petty trading into other industrial and manufacturing operations. We believe it will create a lot of market space and opportunities for our members and create jobs for the youth. However, we believe that our actions and demands should be based on good will, not malice. The Coalition of Market Women certainly doesnít understand why, after a taskforce has been formed to implement the law, some of our friends still continue to pursue this unpatriotic and unproductive agenda. The Coalition wishes to advice all traders, market men and women to put Ghana first in all their dealings, rather than their various political parties. We wish to advice all politicians and political parties engaged in this nation breaking activity to desist from it with immediate effect or risk being exposed in the public domain, with the recorded evidence of their meetings and their names. Long live patriotic citizens of Ghana!!! Signed Mary Aframea 0268626357 Daavi Emilia Adzo 0264761166