Spiritualist Admonishes Otabil

The on-going controversy surrounding statements attributed to the founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr Mensa Otabil over the proposed free Senior High School (SHS) education programme has caused the famous spiritualist Sheikh Nacambo Usmanu Sani to react from his Ashaley Botwey residence in Accra. Sheikh Nacambo believes Pastor Mensa Otabil should have clearly stated that his speech was not meant for any political party. To him, the man of God should not be worried about the current development if he indeed was preaching the word of God, adding, “The word of God addresses human situations, there are times the word of God is preached and the presentation addresses an issue as though the preacher knew the situation before the presentation.” “I admire Otabil so much, but I don’t agree with him for saying that his voice was pieced together from different messages. The fact is the voice belongs to him and no one else.” “He should not panic at all, after all he was doing his work as a preacher. The current development should also serve as a deterrent to other men of God who are embroiled in politics. They should concentrate on preaching the word of God,” he added. He also mentioned that no political party should condemn another for their respective policies, saying “If Akufo Addo says he has what it takes to implement the free SHS policy, why should others condemn him? It is a good policy so I see those who are opposing it as people who do not want good things in the country. “Every politician should state his policy and when the time comes for voting, the electorate will think through those policies and vote for that which will benefit him or her,” said Sheikh Nacambo. The ICGC leader has come under intense criticism lately following a press conference he held to castigate surrogates of the NDC, who according to him, pieced together his speech to pursue their parochial interest.