A Time To Pray For Mother Ghana - AFAG

Political Pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) wants the clergy to intervene on behalf of the nation following the tragic loss of lives of two distinguished personalities; former President John Evans Atta Mills and former Vice-President Alhaji Aliu Mahama in a space of five months. Below is the full statement issued by AFAG: GHANA NEEDS THE CLERGY: A TIME TO PRAY FOR MOTHER GHANA AND SOBER REFLECTIONS 19th November, 2012 The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is by this statement urging all Ghanaians especially the clergy to intensify our intercessory prayers on behalf of Ghana in these trying moments of fatal accidents and untimely passing of our leaders. The year in question saw the death of President Mills and most recently the death of former vice President, HE. Alhaji Aliu Mahama. This is a national tragedy considering the fact that by their positions Ghana stood the chance to benefit enormously from their experiences to enhance our quest for development. Again, the recent road accident on the Bolga-Tamale road which claimed the life of 30 adds to the long list of similar ones which have occurred within the course of the year 2012. Indeed the year 2012 has been cruel to the people of Ghana. It is also important to make the point that, in times like these, the nation in complementing its efforts in dealing with such situations has mostly looked up to the clergy to intercede and also provide spiritual direction and guidance to the nation. Nevertheless, the clergy stating its opinion on national issues has become problematic for certain people. AFAG wishes to urge our clergy to rise above the barrage of insults which is hurled at them anytime they state an opinion on important national matters by persons affiliated to the government and ill-informed persons, and commit themselves to prayers and advise as and when the need arises. This year, the Catholic bishops, and the Presbyterian Church have all come under personal attacks and insults. AFAG wishes to state that, we believe in the in the efficacy of prayers and the critical role of the clergy in forging unity and providing counsel on matters of state and personal growth. In conclusion we strongly hold the view that, this call is imperative and urgent and the clergy must not be intimidated by the insults and ill-informed persons. The Clergy has a role in the destiny of this nation and majority of Ghanaians supports them. We urge them to ignore the insults from unguided persons. Ghana needs the Clergy. Ghana needs prayers. God bless Ghana. SIGNED Arnold Boateng Mutala Mohamed Davis Opoku Bright Acheampong Thank you.