Aflao Celebrates President Mahama's Victory

Aflao township was on Sunday night thrown into a massive carnival celebration by supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) shortly after President John Mahama was declared winner of the 2012 Presidential poll. The supporters, some carrying party paraphernalia, sang and danced along the streets with the blowing of “vuvuzelas”. High speed motorbikes and vehicles, which finally invaded the streets and out doing one another with the tooting of horns, succeeded in pushing the scared jubilants to the flanks of the roads. Madam Peace Nutorku, said she was elated by the NDC victory in view of the party’s concern for social problems including health and educational facilities. Aflao, which forms part of the Ketu-South Constituency, is considered a stronghold of the NDC. The Constituency polled 81,000 votes for President Mahama in the presidential race.