Nana Addo Urged To Concede Defeat

The largest elections observation network in Ghana, CODEO is urging the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo to show good competitor qualities by congratulating the president-elect John Mahama. CODEO says this gesture will, more than anything, calm down some agitated members of the NPP. Some irate youth of the NPP on Sunday thronged the offices of the EC demanding that declaration of the election results be delayed till the partys claim of election fraud has been dealt with. But in an interview with XYZ News, Public Affairs Coordinator of CODEO, Theodore Dzeble, asked the leadership of the NPP to calm their supporters. I will expect that the NPP candidate will pick the phone and call the president-elect and congratulate him for winning and just calm the supporter and then move on. He said it is important for Nana Addo to calm his supporters and assure them that the future will be brighter. According to Mr Dzeble, the results clearly indicate that the two parties are of equal strength and can win elections at any time. Mr. Dzeble further congratulated Ghanaians for comporting themselves in this years election. He observed that after monitoring elections for years now, the 2012 general elections saw the least violence.