Headmaster Chases Parent With Machete

The headmaster of Akyem Swedru Senior High School (AKISS), Mr Michael A. K. Danwono, wielding a machete, allegedly chased out a woman who had visited her sick daughter in the school. Kwadwo Baah, who had driven his mother, Madam Florence Yaa Fosuaa, to the school, was not spared, as the headmaster physically assaulted him, threatened to slash him with the machete and attempted to smash the private car that Baah had driven to the school. Narrating her experience to journalists in Akyem Swedru, Madam Fosuaa said her daughter, Hannah Owusu-Agyekum, had typhoid fever and was admitted to the Oda Government Hospital for some time for treatment. She said when Hannah was discharged from the hospital, she (Hannah) went back to school. According to the woman, on December 13, 2012, Hannah's housemistress, Madam Hannah Adunah, phoned Hannah's father, Mr Owusu-Agyekum, that his daughter's condition had worsened and so he should proceed to the school to take her to the hospital for treatment. Madam Fosuaa said since her husband was at that time taking care of their son who was also on admission at a private hospital in Oda, the man delegated her to attend to Hannah and, if possible, take her to Oda for medical attention, adding that Mr Owusu-Agyekum actually released his private car to Baah to drive her to AKlSS. She said on reaching the school around 6:10 pm, she told Baah and his two friends who had accompanied them to the school to wait for her in front of the house mistress's house, while she went to the house mistress for an exeat to enable her to take Hannah home for medical treatment. The woman said while she was holding discussions with the housemistress, she heard Baah screaming, and when she rushed to the scene, she saw Mr Danwono, accompanied by his dog, holding Baah's neck with one hand, with a machete in the other, and shouting, "I'll kill you!" Madam Fosuaa said she was astonished by Mr Danwono's action and she questioned him as to why he had attacked her son. Suddenly, the headmaster left Baah and rushed on her with the machete. According to the woman, who has metals in both legs as result of a surgical operation, she had to flee in difficulty after engaging in hot exchanges with the angry headmaster who never showed any remorse for his action. She said the housemistress, a nursing mother, who intervened to explain to the headmaster that Madam Fosuaa had come for an exeat for her daughter to convey her home for medical treatment, also had her share of Mr Danwono's anger, as he threatened her with the machete. When journalists visited Mr Danwono in his office last Monday for his version of the incident, he initially stated that he would not comment unless he received instructions from the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service but later said he had chased the woman and her son with the machete because his life was under threat. The matter is under investigations by the Akyem Swedru Police.