Brisk Business In NDC Paraphernalia Rebounds

Traders who deal in National Democratic Congress (NDC) party�s paraphernalia say business is flourishing after weeks of experiencing sluggish sales. The traders are into selling T-shirts, scarves, wrist watches, headgear, key holders, umbrellas, calendars, handkerchiefs, belts, clothes, necklaces and beads branded in NDC�s colours and symbols or embossment of President John Dramani Mahama�s portrait. The traders told the GNA at Osu Oxford Street during a street carnival organized to make merry of the NDC�s victory in the just ended general elections. Mma Hamida said that after weeks of slow sales because of fear of being beaten up or harmed when seen with NDC paraphernalia, people were now patronizing the articles on high scale. Though she did not state the exact sales details, she said within a few hours into the street carnival she had sold more goods than expected. Madam Afi Vida said her entire items cost GH�800 and she had already made about GH�200 just few hours into the street party. �You see my brother, after the elections some people were intimidating others simply because the party they supported could not win, there was fear in people to buy the NDC paraphernalia to put on or jubilate, but now thank God, things are calm and business is back�, she told the GNA. Bestman Afuah said �business is picking up slowly but steadily, I am expecting something higher when the president is going to be sworn into office�. The traders said they were anticipating a booming business in their articles on the 7th January, 2013 when the President will be sworn into office.