Exposed: Sannie Daara’s Plot To Frustrate Andre Ayew In Black Stars Camp Uncovered

The Santayana reason and common sense has some useful advice for all who desire to avoid mistakes of the past. It admonishes that; those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. The most consistent theory that followers and ardent supporters of the senior national football team the Black Stars have been fed with by officials of the GFA to explain why the team failed to meet the expectations of the nation at a tournament is lack of team unity. The last cup of nations tournament is our latest example. We would ask a few questions before we proceed to make our point which we think crucial and ought to be addressed before we head into the impending cup of nations tournament. The first questions ask is this; how come officials of the GFA fail spot the perceived or alleged differences in the team before the tournament? Do these perceived and alleged differences between and among players of the team sprout all of a sudden in camp or when the tournament gets underway? And how come officials of the GFA have always failed to unify the team to enable the team achieve the success that is expected of them? The answers to these questions are simple. It is the officials themselves who are responsible for the disunity. The conduct of FA spokesman Sannie Daara provides us with a basis for our conclusion that the FA officials themselves provide the fertile ground, the seeds and indeed nurture and grow disunity between and among players of the Black Stars. We have noted quite recently that the FA Spokesman has been involved in a number of discussions and publications in the media about the Ayews and most importantly for us; the Ayew brothers. His involvement directly and indirectly in these publications and discussions initially appeared to us to be innocuous, after-all he is a media person. Our eyebrows have however been raised with regard to the pattern of Mr. Sani Darra's views as expressed in the publications and discussions on the Ayew brothers in which he has been directly or indirectly involved. First of all, Mr. Sannie Daara has said of the maestro Abedi Pele ( father of the Ayew brothers) that he (Abedi Pele) was dropped from the FIFA and that Abedi Pele no longer commands any influence and respect in FIFA circles. This is an absolute falsehood and when account is taken of the fact that Mr. Sani Darra is experienced enough to have checked out his facts before speaking, this falsehood, if it was peddled by him in good faith is still, inexcusable. This observation initially appears harmless but subsequent utterances of Mr. Sani Darra on matters concerning the Ayew brothers establish without a doubt that Mr. Sannie Daara's comments about the maestro were deliberate and just intended to spite the Ayews. From Mr. Sannie Daara's comments about Abedi Pele, he (Mr. Sannie Daara) then deals with Jordan Ayew's dropping from the Black Stars in several publications and media discussions. His comments on the reasons why Jordan Ayew was dropped from the Black Stars showed clearly his bias. We still did not make much of his comments as to reason why the dropping of Jordan Ayew from the Black Stars but Mr. Sani Darra exposed himself during a meeting which took place at Mr. George Afriyie's Guest house on the Spintex road in Accra. Present at that meeting among others were Mr. George Afriyie himself and Fred Crentsil.