How Can You Sue The President?…NPP Are Full Of Blockheads – Gen. Mosquito

General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, says he grossly erred in perceiving the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to be astute legal luminaries as he now considers them as a bunch of “blockheads" masquerading as “bookworms”. To him, assertions by the NPP that over 1.3 million votes were stolen for John Mahama in the recent Presidential elections are laughable and misleading. The NPP legal team officially filed a petition at the Supreme Court on Friday to challenge the 2012 presidential election results which declared the incumbent, Mr Mahama as the winner. The opposition party claims it has uncovered that over 1.3 million votes were illegally counted and stolen for the NDC’s John Mahama. In the petition filed at the Supreme Court on Friday, the NPP prayed that the Supreme Court declares: (1) That John Dramani Mahama, the 2nd Respondent herein was not validly elected president of the Republic of Ghana. (2) That Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the 1st Petitioner herein, rather was validly elected President of the Republic of Ghana. (3) Consequential orders as to this court may seem meet. But the NDC Chief Scribe expressed disappointment at the news Conference the NPP held after filing the case in court. Urging NDC faithfuls not to entertain any fears that the court could overturn the electoral results since the NPP has no evidence at hand, he slammed the NPP for whetting everybody's appetite with allegations of a rigging machinery, only for them to talk about an imperfect electoral system which is prevalent in any democracy. Speaking to PeaceFM News in an interview, General Mosquito as the NDC General Secretary is affectionately called, said it beats his imagination that a party that prides itself of having the best legal brains could file a suit against the President of the republic. “If they have suffered defeat, they should just accept it and figure out ways of ensuring that they can contest in the 2016 general elections. Their recent actions is disintegrating the NPP…We in the NDC are just waiting for the president to be sworn in because various accounts testify that we won hands done and nobody should be scared”. “Suing the president exposes their blockheadedness and I wonder if they have ever heard that in this country before. That are just blowing hot air and if that move is deliberate, then it means that they are trying to fool their supporters. There is no way you can sue the president. “What they are doing is just like a coward who is trying to commit suicide and at the same time telling his family members that ‘this is the spot where I am going to commit the act so come and rescue me’. If they are heading to the Supreme Court, then it was needless for them to have organized a press conference”, he said.