Four Ghanaians Captured By Pirates Released

The four Ghanaians who were aboard the MV Iceberg 1 vessel captured off the Somali coast by pirates in March 2010, have been freed and have arrived in the country today. 22 of the 24 crew members onboard the vessel were freed by the Pun Turan Maritime Police Force in Somalia after 32 months in captivity. They included Jewel Ahiable, Edward Kofi Asare, Francis Koomson Senior and Prince Agbo. The Somalia pirates were demanding $1 million from the shipping line which owns the ship for the release the crew members. Jewel Ahiable who shared some of their experiences on the captured vessel with Citi News stated that he and his colleagues went through inhumane treatment. “Truly, nobody’s nail has been pulled out but I tell you that the Chief Engineer’s ears have been split into pieces and it’s just hanging like that. The Chief Officer before was stabbed, the captain was hanged; he was an old man who had a spinal problem, but he was hanged from the leg to a ladder and dragged on the floor. In fact, almost all the crew was beaten. In fact we went through a whole lot of things.” He further mentioned that they totally lost hope that they would someday be rescued and expressed his appreciation concerning their release. The Spokesperson for the families of the victims, Piety Kwaku Ahiable expressed profound gratitude of having his son back. “I have seen God in him; it was like when Jesus Christ resurrected and his disciples saw him, they couldn’t believe but I have seen my son. The first time I saw him on the internet, I couldn’t recognize him. It was the younger brother who said that was the brother. But God is God.”