Glo Starts New Text And Win Promo

Glo Mobile Ghana has begun running a new promotion dubbed �TEXT & WIN BIG� as part of efforts to reward its customers. The promotion enables Glo subscribers to participate in a quiz to stand the chance of winning daily cash prizes and a grand prize of a brand new Toyota Avensis saloon car. A release from the company said, �For the next 90 days from January 24, 2013, Glo subscribers participating in the Text & Win Big Promo, described by the management of Glo as �a Game of Skills�, have the chance of winning cash prizes ranging from GHC2,000 daily, GHC3,000 weekly to the ultimate prize of a Toyota Avensis saloon car.� It said the promo, which is aimed at rewarding as many as 90 subscribers, would be operated without a formal draw and would have its winners selected on a daily and weekly basis through a simple count of the highest amount of points accumulated by participating subscribers. On how to participate, the release said, �Subscribers are to text �YES� to short code 2015 and get registered free of charge. They will receive a welcome message, followed by a question with two possible answers from which the subscriber must make a correct choice and send via SMS to short code 2014. �A reply then follows, indicating whether the answer provided is correct or wrong, and a new question posed to the subscriber. The more subscribers play and keep answering questions, the higher their chances of accumulating points and winning prizes.� It said the promotion was another mark of �innovation� from Glo and it had been packaged not just to reward subscribers �but also introduce some more excitement into the network experience�. The release quoted Mr Augustine Mamuro, the Head of Commercial, Glo Mobile Ghana, as saying that the big promo would offer 90 winners a range of cash prizes totaling more than GHC200,000 and a brand new Toyota Avensis saloon. He emphasised in the release that subscribers joined the �Game of Skills� at no cost to them but their answers in SMS to the short code 2014 would cost 60Gp per SMS, VAT inclusive. �Each day, a top scorer is selected as winner of GHS2,000, based on the highest amount of points accumulated up to that day, but eligible winners must have sent at least one SMS in the course of the day,� the release said. The promo also rewards a weekly top scorer who wins GHC3,000 based on the highest total points accumulated at the close of the week.