Prez Mahama Pledges $3million To Mali Over Insurgency

President Mahama has made a financial commitment of three million US dollars to the foreign military force which is intervening in the Mali insurgency. The amount forms parts of Ghana’s contribution towards ensuring stability in the troubled West African neighbour. Ghana’s Caretaker Foreign Affairs Minister Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni who travelled with President to Ethiopia for the 20th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government and the 22nd Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the African Union said the economic agenda of the continent was key in the discussions. Speaking to Journalists at the Kotoka International Airport when he touched down with the President, Alhaji Mumuni said “today at the donor conference on Mali, the President made a pledge of a donation of 3 million dollars on behalf of Ghana. He added that “this would be an addition to Ghana’s contribution of an engineering regiment which would be deployed in the war theatre with Ghana bearing the expenses”. Meanwhile, International donors meeting in Ethiopia have pledged $455.53m (£289m) for an international campaign tackling Islamist militants in Mali. The pledges for aid projects and the African-led Afisma force that is expected to take over from French troops in the country is about half the figure African leaders had requested.